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Googlika was a universal creature, that was so powerful, it was even stronger then the toughest of Regrags. It was responsible for the creation of the Poggiton.


Googlika was a beast that was created from a super-nova. This super-nova was caused by Arvatan. Googlika, soon after being created, explored over 400 galaxies, after thousands of years of exploring, 200 of the galaxies demanded that he didn't come back, because his presence was affecting some of the planets in the galaxy badly. Googlika re-entered those galaxies, and attempted to fix what he did. He was greeted by hundreds of thousands of space ships attacking him. Googlika was furious, and left the galaxies. However, the 200 galaxies that did like him, wanted to help him. So, Googlika made them the ultimate weapon- he morphed the 200 galaxies into one creature- the Poggiton.

First Request

Once the Poggiton was created, Googlika ordered the Poggiton to destroy the 200 galaxies that turned against him, and, in just 1 week, 200 galaxies were destroyed by the Poggiton. Googlika was amazed, and realized that the Poggiton was more powerful then he wanted- the Poggiton was more powerful then Googlika himself.

To Kill the Poggiton

Googlika decided he had to get rid of the Poggiton, so, when exploring a planet with the Poggiton, Googlika summoned all of his power, and created a super-nova, thinking it would kill the Poggiton. To Googlika's surprise, the Poggiton floated right next to him, looking furious. Googlika instantly created a black hole- a mistake that would eventually cost him his life, in an attempt to kill the Poggiton. The Poggiton was sucked into the black hole, and Googlika believed that he had won.


Soon after his battle with the Poggiton, Googlika visited Earth's galaxy. At this time, Earth was extremely primitive. Googlika roamed the planet, and watched the humans in hiding. Googlika believed that humans were amazing, and studied them for years.

Neetnat-Griep War

On his way out of Earth's solar-system, Googlika saw 3 Neetnats and 3 Grieps battling. He ordered them to stop, but they continued fighting. So, Googlika joined the battle, and swiftly conquered the creatures- but didn't kill them. As he left the wounded creatures, one of them roared: "You, you created the Poggiton!" After hearing this, Googlika began to get worried.

Wilibine Bob's Words

Whle roaming galaxies, Googlika visited Wilib. While there, he was met by Wilibine Bob. Googlika asked Wilibine Bob if the Poggiton was alive. Wilibine Bob said yes, then told Googlika that the Poggiton would kill him. Googlika did not believe Wilibine Bob, and attempted to create a super-nova, however, Wili himself used his powers to make the sun immune to Googlika's power. Googlika then left the galaxy, furious.

The Poggi-Five

Googlika, shortly before his first death, made 5 beings out of planets, named the Poggi-Five. These beings, when all 5 met the Poggiton- preferably in battle, they would morph into a new Poggiton, and listen to whoever brought the 5 of them together. However, Googlika was killed before he could use them, and they are now scattered across the universe.

Not Safe, But Sorry

Centuries had passed, and there was no sign of the Poggiton. Googlika was happy again. But then, one dreadful day, while exploring a galaxy, Googlika saw the Poggiton. He was destroying a planet. Googlika was about to leave the galaxy, but it was too late- the Poggiton zoomed off the planet, and faced Googlika. Googlika warned the Poggiton to leave, but the Poggiton turned into a black hole- just like the one Googlika had created, and before Googlika could do anything, he was sucked in. But, right before his head went into the black hole, a vision pooped in his head- the Poggiton dying on Earth. So, Googlika quickly roared "Earth will be your downfall!", and was then killed by the black hole.

Secretly Saved

Though he was believed to be dead, Googlika was actually saved at the last second by Master R, and he became part of his Rmy.

Not-So Final War

Googlika battled the Poggiton once more in the Not-So Final War, only to be killed in the same way.

Vital Questions

There are a few questions that many want to ask Wilibine Bob about Googlika.

Question 1: If Googlika wanted to destroy the 200 angry galaxies, why didn't he use his Omega Crush power, instead of creating the Poggiton?

Question 2: If Googlika could crush hundreds of galaxies, and even temporarily defeat the Poggiton with black holes, why didn't he do anything when the Poggiton attacked him (and then killed him)?


Googlika was a strange and marvelous looking being. He was humanoid- meaning he stood on 2 legs, and had 2 arms. Most of his body was gray, but his chest had a never ending fire burning on it. Where his hair should have been, was also fire. All fire on him was red. His eyes were pure green, and his head was round, with 2 hole as a nose, and no ears. His mouth was strange and twisted, with crooked teeth. His arms were long, with spikes all over them. His hands had 4 fingers with sharp gold spikes as nails, same with his legs and feet.

Powers and Abilities

Googlika had many powers and abilities- too many to list.

Power: Super Nova and Black Holes. Googlika could create suns and make them go super-nova if he had enough power at the moment, and could also create black holes from his hands.

Power: Omega Morph and Omega Crush. Googlika could morph tremendous and numerous things, such as galaxies together to create things. Googlika could also simply make things, large and small collide together, thus making them be destroyed on impact.

Power: Star Fling. Googlika could make stars, large and small, fly toward his enemies.

Power: Energy Ball. Googlika could use the energy he takes to create large or small balls of energy, that did enough damage to destroy space ships.

Ability: Energy Absorbtion. Googlika, when close to planets, could take a strange energy from them at will, making the planets deform.

Ability: Changing Size. Googlika could change his size from anywhere between 15,000 meters tall, or 1 meter tall. If he were to use his Omega powers, he would grow larger than multiple galaxies.

Ability: Damage Resistance. Googlika had an incredible resistance to damage- he wasn't hurt at all when billions of space ships assaulted him.

Ability: Nova Immune. Googlika was completely immune to super-novas.

Major Flaw

One of Googlika's major flaws was that things he created (besides super-novas) did incredible damage to him. Things such as the Poggiton could damage him greatly, and, as noted, the Poggiton killed him by turning into a black hole.

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